Farmers are People Too & a New Year’s Resolution

My family has historically been farmers. My maternal grandfather grew up on a corn farm in Kinross, Iowa. As a child I would visit my great-uncle, Melvin, and his family on that farm. I remember running along the edge of the cornfields catching … [Continue reading]

No Garden Next Year?

The days are getting cooler and the nights are finally cold enough to put the duvet on the bed. Jackets have been dusted off and it's time to switch from the Chacos to the Muck Boots. Now if I could just find my slippers... We're still waiting for … [Continue reading]

Stretching Your Food Dollars – Virtually Free Stock

  Good food is expensive. If you grow it and/or raise it yourself you know how much hard work it takes to put food on your table. A little part of me dies inside when I toss out the bits and pieces of unusable food - even if it is going into the … [Continue reading]

Growing, Curing & Storing Onions

It's almost time to start thinking about planting onions. Around here we go through half a dozen onions a week because we're slightly nuts, but they just add so much flavor to meals, how could we not? There's no possible way we could grow enough … [Continue reading]

Big Batch Granola

It's been a cold week all around the country. I have a bit of problem that no matter how cold it is, I won't turn the heater on in our house until at least 5pm. But I don't have an issue heating the house in other ways. I do wish we had fireplace or … [Continue reading]

~Giveaway~ Backyard Roots: Lessons on Living Simply From 35 Urban Farmers

What a great way to come back to writing! Just in time for the holidays I'm offering a giveaway to 3 lucky winners for this beautiful book Backyard Roots: Lessons on Living Simply from 35 Urban Homesteaders.  See the lady on the cover holding an … [Continue reading]

Heirlooms are Great but…

I've kind of always been a purist when it comes to what I grow in my garden. I prefer heirlooms, the rarer the better, over pretty much everything else, including regular open pollinated plants. So here's the lowdown on all the different types of … [Continue reading]

The Best Turkey You’ll Ever Eat!

It's November and we know what that means! Thanksgiving will be here any day now so I'm reposting this recipe because it IS that good. Last year we did this with our own homegrown turkey, which we will do again this year. Super moist and flavorful, … [Continue reading]

Missing in Action and my Great-Grandmother’s Onion Celery Dressing

I haven't been around in awhile. For 4 months to be exact. I have been neglecting my blogging duties. I lost my writing mojo and I was short on time. That doesn't mean I stopped doing what I do. We've been gardening like crazy and we still have the … [Continue reading]

What I’ve Learned 2013 Edition Vol. 1

Summer is officially here and it's time for me to finally get around to writing down some of the things I need to remember. Hopefully this list can help you too in your quest for gardening perfection ( doesn't exist). Replace your … [Continue reading]