Introduction to the GMO Challenge

I wanted to wait to discuss this until after I went to a talk by Michael Pollan about the aftermath of Prop. 37.

While the votes are still being counted Proposition 37 – the Right to Know initiative that would have labeled GMOs in our food – has been called as defeated. We can hold out hope but we still need a lot of votes headed our way to change the looming outcome.

But just because it might be defeated doesn’t mean that we stop fighting. It means we need to fight more but maybe we need to change our direction, become more unified and make changes in our own lives. My friend Pam, from Peaceful Valley Farm, and I discussed an idea that I think people might be interested in doing with us.

As you may know, my family went a year without going to the grocery store starting back in October 2010 and which we are still continuing with today to a slightly lesser extent. That was just a challenge that we did here and documented but it wasn’t a team challenge.

What Pam and I are proposing is a team effort. We want to help others take on a challenge with us. The challenge we are proposing is to live a month without GMOs starting January 1st 2013. While Pam and I will be making this a forever-and-a-day challenge we would like you to join us for the first month. Learn with us and exchange information.

The next post will be about what GMOs are and how to somewhat spot them even though they aren’t labeled.

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  1. This is an awesome idea. Even though I’m in Florida I was rooting for prop 37. I think it’s important to know where and what our food is coming from, even if it makes no difference in the general public’s buying practices.

    I’m looking forward to your next post, spotting those GMOs is a challenge. Anything to make it easier…

  2. I think this is a fantastic idea!

  3. I’m also in Florida, and was rooting for Prop 37. I too will be looking forward to your next post, and will absolutely do my best to avoid GMO’s. I do that now anyway, but I’m sure there’s things to look for that I don’t know about. Thank you

  4. when are we starting? hopefully after the holidays :)

  5. We’re in from Olympia, Washington!

  6. Count me in too.

  7. Lisa Marie Gerhard says:

    Yes I am in on a forever-and-a-day challenge! I do this most of the time but am sure there are products that have GMOs of which I am not aware. Looking forward to learning something new and further supporting those companies that do not use GMOs, as well as future GMO labeling! Thank you Rachael and Tom

  8. You can count me in!

  9. Erin Middlebrooks says:

    I LOVE this idea. I first started really learning about GMOs a few months ago. I have spent every spare minute since, learning, studying….and clearing GMOs and all chemicals, hormones, etc out of mky house. So I’m almost there. I absolutely am IN!!!! It will be my way of making a statement. I am also almost done the Boycott of companies and subsidiaries who donated to the no side of prop 37. Now it’s just becoming fun!!

  10. We’re in, too! Not sure I could do it on my own, though, so I’m grateful for the team effort. For us, I think modifying lunches for the kids will take the most effort and planning, since I’m sure some of their favorite snacks will have to go.

  11. Count me in too. I try to aviod them now, but I’m sure I will learn so much from the challenge. I was so surprised it didn’t pass, I was routing for it here in AZ.

  12. I’m in NM and am in for this challenge! While we try to be intentional about growing and buying and cooking non-GMO foods, it’s so easy to slip when virtually every convenience food is a GMO! This challenge is completely doable and, I’m sure, will be eye opening!

  13. Count me in as well! I’m starting a new blog to detail the challenge from my end as well.


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