Wednesday’s Harvest

Baby Cucumbers

This has been a rather productive week here on Dog Island. The summer veggies are starting to roll in. The biggest harvest this week was our very first harvest of cucumbers. We had been keeping an eye on them, but as anyone who has grown cukes will know, they are sneaky and can get out of hand easily. So it looks like pickle-making season is finally upon us. Funny thing as we haven’t finished last year’s pickles. Also this week we harvested our first couple of Serrano Tampequino Peppers, some carrots, parsnips, onions, garlic and of course, let’s not forget…zucchini! As an added bonus, our bee guy dropped off another super today.

Onions =  .6 lb @ $1.99/lb = $1.18 Savings
Cucumbers = 8.65 lb @ $2.15/lb =  $18.60 Savings
Zucchini = 7.82 lb @ $3.18/lb = $24.87 Savings
Garlic =  1 @ $1.00/ea = $1.00 Savings
Parsnips = 1.75 lb @ $2.99/lb = $5.23 Savings
Carrots = 0.7 lb @ $1.42/lb = $0.99 Savings
Peppers = .03 lb @ $5.50/lb = $0.17 Savings
Strawberries = 7 lb @ $3.29/lb = $23.03 Savings
Eggs = 3.75dz @ $7.50/dz = $28.13 Savings

So for the season so far we’ve harvested:
Swiss Chard: 4.6 lbs
Artichokes: 34.7 lbs
Lettuce: 11 lbs
Eggs: 1042 or 86.83 dozen
Strawberries: 9.2 lbs
Peas: 34.3 lbs 
Parsnips: 3.11 lbs
Potatoes = 5.61 lbs
Onions =  3.78 lbs
Zucchini = 25.96 lb
Garlic =3 heads 
Blueberries = .06 lb
Apricots = 1.13 lb
Cucumber =  8.65 lb
Peppers = .03 lb

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  1. Meredehuit ♥ says:

    Congrats to you! What a good feeling to be so self sufficient. Our family did that for so many years when all the kids lived at home. Now we just grow a little of what we really like.

  2. Thanks! We're trying to be. We need to start working on protein sources (other than eggs).

  3. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    Very nice harvest! I love parsnips! I've never made pickles…I heard that gasp :P Then again, our cukes didn't make it into the garden this year, as the shed construction project is in the way at the moment. Hopefully next year though. I'm impressed you still have some pickles left over from last year!

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