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The City of San Francisco is currently looking at available space for urban farming. Abandoned lots are being turned into community gardens like Hayes Valley Farm (was an old freeway) and farmers are leasing space while it is not being used like Little City Gardens. Utilizing these spaces as softscape is so important for controlling the Heat Island Effect, reducing water runoff, cleaning the air, providing food, etc.

Where can we look for more space? The urban environment is dense. So, space is limited especially if you live in an apartment complex. You might have a small deck, or a tiny yard. There is an opportunity for adding softscape on the vertical plane. You can gain space for vegetables, succulents, ferns, or herbs depending on your sun shade requirements or you can even go indoors!
Click here to see our Flickr Photo Gallery for ideas both big and small to inspire you to look at your space in a new way.

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  1. dietplaid says:

    Seriously impressive. The only vertical action my garden gets is the green beans. We're very lucky to have some yard in our townhouse space though.

  2. Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    It is amazing how phenomenally popular vertical gardens are becoming. I've seen so many lately, they're certainly 'in fashion' at the moment. They do look stunning, and seem fine for ornamental gardens, but I'm not scaling that wall to harvest a cabbage! :P Makes me dizzy just thinking about it…

  3. Sylvana says:

    I love the shoe organizer hanging garden and the wooden tiered garden.

  4. We're running out of ground space in our back yard, and are looking into ways to plant the cement area and the south-facing fence. We have strawberry tubes, and are trellising beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and vine squash.

    But we STILL want more plants! I too love the shoe organizer idea – maybe we'll have to try it…

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